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If you have and image, or photograph that you would like to mail to us and have us scan or manipulate, the rate is $80.00 per hour (30 minute minimum). If you would like to send us the image via the Internet, follow the instructions below.

Camera Ready

Camera ready refers to art and copy that is ready to be scanned without retouching. This includes art that has to be retraced, redrawn or reworked on the computer or by an artist.
Camera ready artwork for Lasered Memories should meet the following specifications:
  • Image(s) is in black and white format on a clean white background
  • High resolution
  • Sized to the image area
  • Requires no touch-up
  • Color separated (if required)
  • Sharp, crisp, clear lines
  • Printed with a high-quality printer on glossy, graphics paper (not copy paper)
The artwork may be in various formats:
  • Negatives
  • Film positives
  • Photo static output
Camera-ready artwork is not:
  • Pen or pencil sketches
  • Component artwork that needs adjustment, resizing, or repositioning
  • Photocopies, faxes, forms, sample labels or business cards
  • Images with tape, staples, etc.
  • Images with dirty or smudged backgrounds
  • Continuous tone images like black and white and color photographs
  • Low resolution paper outputs
Note: You may use a low-resolution paper output, however we cannot guarantee the quality of the output.

Sending Images

You may send your images via:
  • Carrier i.e. U.S. Mail, Fed Ex., etc. on a CD, floppy or zip disk. NOTE: We cannot guarantee the return of the media you send.
  • Email (up to 1 megabyte)

File Formats

The following are acceptable formats:
  • Corel DRAW 9 (.CDR extension)
  • Adobe Illustrator 8 (.AI extension)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF)
We advise that you send your image in a vector based format, but if that is not possible and you need send it in a raster based format, please be sure to save the image in a high resolution.

The following illustrates the difference between enlarging vector and raster based images:

Please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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